Automated email marketing is necessary in today’s digital world we live in. This is the ability to send a series of email at once to a specific group of people. If a company decides to introduce new products or services to new customers, automated email marketing can easily make their task easier. And they come with many advantages.

  • With automated email marketing can send a large number of emails at A TIME that allows the company to sell useful content to its customers without meeting them physically. And I tell you it’s the most use widely today.


  • Time is money. So getting information down to a customer on time could either drive up or reduce the expected revenue of company. But with email marketing it is timely. Yes it takes you just seconds to reach your numerous customers around the globe than letters which could take days or weeks through couriers. That makes it very timely to drive your business


  • You don’t have to use a particular content to address different clients. Each customer wants to be treated different, special and they have different needs. They deserve it since without them you can set up in the first place. Automated marketing email could be personalized or tailored to an individual or customer and makes it more frequently visit when they feel they are also being addressed individually. This cans drive-up revenues to your company. That sounds good right?

But wait! You should not confuse it with email automation. I can send newsletters, requests and information campaigns that I create and send to a whole list of people in one go, an automated email is programmed up just once and then without human intervention sent to a particular individual or group when that person meets a certain criteria.

If I want to run a campaign for the position of the president in my school. I set up a website. Contributors and voters log into the website and sign up. They receive an email welcoming them to my campaign ideas, my vision for the school and other things. That is the work of email automation. It is a preset email programmed to be triggered to be sent once a person meets up to the criteria I want (in this case signing up)

Or let me use another scenario. Imagine you have an online store. With other online stores also looking for customers the competition could be tight. You might want to thank a customer after a purchase.

But Thanking a customer after each purchase is time consuming and tiresome. With thousands of sales every minute it’s practically impossible. So what do you do? Once a customer picks an item and pays for it online an email is sent to their box thanking them for the purchase. In that case the customer has met the company criteria (to buy) an item triggering an automated response from the company. Because it would be a huge waste of time manually creating an email to send to every person signing {campaign) up or buying an item (store) as the case may be.

Automated email marketing and email automation could very much work hand in hand. You can market your goods and services to a specific numbers of customers. And when specific criteria are met you can also set up an automated response without you lifting a finger. Your business grows and you have time to assign other tasks.


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