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What ’80s sci-fi movies can teach us about bad UI

One of the cool things about sci-fi is that it acts like a demo for technology that hasn’t been invented yet. In that way, it’s a bit like a UI design — an idea about how a product will function that needs to be developed by someone with knowledge of …

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5 Lessons Upcoming Artistes Can Learn From Wizkid (A Must Read)

The race to make it big in the entertainment is indeed an uphill task. Everyone wants to be a one-hit wonder and blow immediately just like Humble smith. Several challenges abound for upcoming artistes especially for those without a record label. Dropping singles every month, collaborating with other artistes on …

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Does biology explain why men outnumber women in tech?

It’s no secret that Silicon Valley employs many more men than women in tech jobs. What’s much harder to agree on is why. The recent anti-diversity memo by a now former Google engineer has pushed this topic into the spotlight. The writer argued there are ways to explain the gender …

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