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Common mobile app users complaints

Common mobile app users complaints

Its true that apps make our life easier, from streamlining our calendars to making a grocery lists, apps offer entertainment while we’re stuck in line, and makes it easy to collaborate with co workers. But as awesome as mobile apps may be users are not afraid to vocalize their complaints about an app’s shortcomings, even the minor ones, well if you don’t believe read through an app review on a mobile app store and you are going to find loads of angry app users.

When we vent our frustrations we hope it will make the app developers to work around flaws and create a better app. So here are the most common complaints by app users that every app developer should note and try to avoid when creating their next mobile app.


Too many emails: We already spend about 28% of our workday dealing with email and we all don’t want any more. App developers should either forgo these sort of notifications entirely or filter them. We all know you can adjust settings to suit you, but sending Spam notification emails repeatedly should not be the default and should be by the app user desire.

Unnecessary Push notifications: Many of us do not like do to know every single time people upload a photo or make any other activity on the app. Push notifications can be simply annoying and can be worse when they’re delayed and not breaking news. What actual relevance does push notification have? For instance lets take a look at the Foursquare app for instance, when you walk by a location that you have placed on your to-do list, the Foursquare app would automatically notify you that you planned to go there, so this is an actionable, useful and contextual push notification.

Abandoning great apps: If an app developer builds an awesome app and a lot of people have been enjoying the app but all of a sudden the developer abandons the app, obviously the users also might abandon it. When minor bugs persist in a application, frustration would build among the app users. For example the app ExitStrategy which is fantastic but is a little buggy, and hasn’t been updated since the year 2010.

Too much ‘Rate this app request’: Its true that positive ratings for an app in the mobile app store can help to push more downloads. But most app users are probably doing a million other things and just need to quickly check the weather in real time before heading out and won’t like to be stopped and redirected to the mobile app store to rate the app. As a developer you should do this with cautious as if a user just deletes your app, you surely wont be able to ask for a review.

Too much of ads: Everyone finds it annoying when we open an app and a full-screen ad pops up most users just exit the whole app when this happens. This sounds like first world problems to most people this efficiency killing ads isn’t the best way to promote a product or service.

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