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Effective Email Marketing Strategy PART 2

Effective Email Marketing Strategy PART 2

With over 144 billion emails being sent daily, email marketing remains important in our contemporary world and is one of the elite channels for communication in business. So to be sure to being unique among the billions and finding the key to a stand out is critically to your bottom line. Below are tested amd proven email marketing strategies that have proved to be successful for business owners.


Determine the Purpose of Your Campaign: First of all before anything else you need to know the purpose of your campaign, you wont want to be like most other companies that just send out emails without direction they send mails ranging from company news, tips, updates, promos and so on just in a single disorganized mail. Instead, it is advised you spend more time to pinpoint the purpose of each message you are about to send so that you can send it to the proper list segment.


Don’t Over do Design: As with a lot of things in marketing, the more simplified it is the more likely for it to be more effective. This also applies with the design of your mail. You would need to keep your email design very simple, you would need to follow some of the tips below which have been found to be effective; Try to use more text in your mail than images. Always include one primary call to action, you can present it as both text links and also a simple calls to action graphics. Try your best to use design elements so as to get recipients to focus on the most important parts of the mail. You should invest in sending a great mail. For example, if you’re not a good writer, then hire someone with specific experience in writing such mails.


Focus on the Subject: One of the most important elements of a getting a successful email campaign is in the subject line you have decided to use. If the subject of your mail is weak, then you may never have your email opened or it could even be filtered by the recipient as a junk mail. The following subject line tips can be of to help produce higher open rates to your mails; Always try to avoid spammy words like, guarantee, urgent, free, call now, and order now. Try to keep your subject under 50 characters. Include your company or brand name in the subject of your mail. Try to make it memorable, intriguing, funny, actionable.


Setup Tracking: Before begin to send out any email campaigns, it is highly recommended that you setup the proper tracking for the campaign. The ability to evaluate the effectiveness of each mail campaign you send out will prove essential to success on the long run.


Test and Refine: You can receive all the advice in the world, but the success of your campaign is going to come down to the unique combinations that work best for you. And the only way to discover these is to track and test different combinations ans methods. Some of the basic elements which you should always be looking to refine, track, and test are; Subject lines, tone, Style, context of the copy used, call to actions, Font sizes, colors and formatting.

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