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Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Are you planning on creating a strong, growing contact database and wanting to keep in touch with the contacts you currently have? If you are not quite sure on these questions, then you obviously need some bit of help with email marketing.

In this article, I will try to help you put together an effective email marketing campaign so as to grow your contact database for increased revenue.


If you don’t know email marketing is all about leveraging the speed and convenience of email so as to be able to communicate important messages, tipsz updates, and promotions to contacts whohave opted in to receiving such mail messages from you.


Below are the tips which if you follow will surely assure success in Email marketing.

Select an Email Marketing Provider: The first and obvious thing to do is your homework and research, you would need to talk to different providers, test them before you finally go with the one that you find preferable. So, to make things a lot more easier foe you I would like to recommend any of the following which you can use to support your email marketing needs: AWeber, MailChimp, and Constant Contact


Clear Your Existing Database: If you previously had a website up and running then you are probably sitting on a decent sized database of contacts which must have been acquired from your website or through your sales efforts. You shouldn’t make the mistake of writing off these contacts as they might still be useful. So instead you should try to spend some little time to clean up this previous database by removing all expired information and trying to improve on the existing information.


Get People to Subscribe: The more people you send email to people that did not originally subscribe the more slimmer your chances of having more people actively respond to the mails you send. So you would need to get a lot of people to subscribe to your mailing service list themselves so that you would be sending mails to more potential clients that people who might not be interested in what you have to offer.

To do this you need to include one primary call to action on your website but present it as both text links and also with a simple call to action graphics. Some more creative ways to get people to opt in to receive future mails are; By placing a simple email newsletter signup form on all relevant pages of your website. By adding a link in your email signature so as to remind recipients of your emails to opt-in. By adding an opt-in field to your inquiry forms. By adding an opt-in link to order confirmations and customer surveys which you send out.


Keeping Your Contacts Organized: One of common mistakes people make is overlooking elements of email marketing in list segmentation. If you so not properly segment your email contacts into specific lists and categories, then you will most likely experience lower click through rates and response rates when you send your Emails.

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