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Mistakes to avoid when creating mobile application

Mistakes to avoid when creating mobile application


This don’ts in mobile application development will surely help any mobile designer avoid some messy obstacles that one can experience, so make sure to keep the following in mind.


Before you bother about possible mistakes am sure you have already learned how to navigate the world of app design and you already have a vision, some inspiration.


So its time to get down to begin designing the structure, features and flow that will combine to form your full mobile app. Performing these tasks is actually not a easy one as there are lots of parts and project management aspects which you would need to keep in mind during app development. You need to note that developing a functioning and enjoyable mobile app would require you to be discipline and practical.


Don’t begin without a flowmap: Before you begin the project at all you would need to have a well thought and planned out user flow ready. Even when developing simple applications you would still need to have a well considered flowmap in place so as to help ensure a reasonable and logical navigational structure. You would also need to make sure that key functional screens are close to the top rather than them being buried beneath multiple levels of navigational elements. When you skip the flowmap and simply design or wire screens without proper planning you might end up creating a convoluted flow that would leave users confused and turned off by the app.


Don’t omit development budget: Everything a designer creates would surely have to go through a developer so as to bring those designs to life. In some cases very simple design can make the difference between a feature that takes few hours to build and another which takes a few days.


Don’t start with the low resolutions: When you begin to create a mobile app always design for retina, high-res, and pixel-dense screens, then scale down from there. The number of screen resolutions on mobile devices continues to expand daily, so it is advisable to always start with the highest resolution device and scale down the resolutions from there.


Don’t undersize the hit area of your app: Remember that the index fingers of most app users are 1.6 to 2 cm wide and also the fact that app users are moving quickly. It is very easy for you to pack lots of buttons and functionality into a screen, but make sure that you make the buttons big enough and also spaced so it can be easily tapped by users.


Don’t keep your users waiting on a blank screen: While your app is loading content from the web try to use loading indicators and animations so as to give users a sign that the app is working fine. Leaving the app user out of the loop when your app is loading or processing could cause them to think the app is malfunctioning apart from the feeling this is just a poor user experience.


I hope the above tips would be helpful and guide you to create that next awesome mobile application

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