Hackers are reportedly inserting porn into 'Super Mario Odyssey'

Lately it feels like the wholesome world of Nintendo just keeps getting increasingly horny, what with all the revelations about Mario’s nipples, genitals, and Luigi’s enormous schlong. We even wrote about the sexual undertones of some great Super Mario Odyssey photo mode screenshots ourselves.  But the latest NC-17 scandal out …

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Sennheiser CX Sport review

We’ve written lots of glowing reviews about Sennheiser tech. The company’s latest effort – its first foray into the workout world – are the CX Sport, wireless in-ear headphones with a slick, modern look. Here are our thoughts. The post Sennheiser CX Sport review appeared first on Digital Trends. Source: …

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Digital Storm Equinox review

Digital Storm might not be a household name, but as a PC manufacturer they’ve made some of our favorite desktops over the years. The Digital Storm Equinox promises to live up to that pedigree with the help of some impressive hardware. The post Digital Storm Equinox review appeared first on …

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