LinkedIn is a hellhole and this Twitter account proves it

LinkedIn is a unique kind of toxic nightmare.  The type that, if it were a real city or town, would be the desolate setting of a video game where you blast its mutated inhabitants with railguns. Highlighting the weapons-grade twattery of the residents of LinkedIn-upon-Thames is my current favorite Twitter …

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VC Brian O’Malley jumps from Accel to Forerunner Ventures

Brian O’Malley may be the most-poached venture capitalist in Silicon Valley. While rising through the ranks at the global investment firm Battery Ventures, where O’Malley had led deals in Hotel Tonight among others, he was plucked out of the firm by Accel Partners in 2013, where both O’Malley and Accel …

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Nigerian Man ‘Beats His Own Mother To Death’ During Fight In US

A 34-year-old man, Gabriel Bassey has been arrested in Indianapolis, the U.S state of Indiana, on preliminary murder charges after police say he killed his mother. According to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department news release, the accused and his 54-year-old mother, Patricia Bassey, were involved in a fight on Tuesday. The …

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