Ingenious modder combines PlayStation and Xbox in one machine

Why does it have to be console wars? In this deranged year of our lord, 2017, maybe we could all use a little console harmony instead. That’s hardware wizard Eddie Zarick’s view, anyway. The latest tech creation highlighted on Zarick’s YouTube channel is the appropriately named XStation, and it’s the …

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Singlecue Gen 2 gesture control review

Singlecue lets you control your TV, streaming device, and smart home with gestures, but sometimes it’s more trouble than its worth. The post Singlecue Gen 2 gesture control review appeared first on Digital Trends. Source: New feed

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Instagram becomes more like Facebook with threaded comments

Instagram is introducing a simply but significant feature today: Comment threads. Just like Facebook, you can now reply to individual comments; previously, you could only make a general comment under a picture. To start or participate in a thread, simply tap the reply button under individual messages. The feature should …

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