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Top Free SEO Tools

Top Free SEO Tools

Anything free is awesome most especially when the free stuff is giving you something cool in return and to most webmasters we prefer freebies in terms of extra traffic, money, rank, riches, reputation, e.t.c


The good thing is there are a tons of free tools for you to use in terms of SEO. The bad side though is that most of of these free tools are junk and won’t help you, your website, search bots and any other involved party in a positive way. That’s why I have decided to provide you with this top collection of free SEO tools which are intuitive, effective, slick, powerful, and absolutely free without any hidden charges.


Google Analytics: To any webmaster, online marketer or business this tool is totally unavoidable, this analytics to webmasters can be likened to what air is to the human being, you just can’t survive without it. If you are currently running an online platform and you’re not yet using Google Analytics, I would strongly recommend that you begin to use this tools once you finish reading this article.

Currently there is no other data source that provides information of high quality and as detailed as Google Analytics. In this Google-dominated era, we ahould just admit we have no other better option for now and we have to work with it. Most of the other data tools out there simply piggyback on the Google’s data using API.


Google Webmaster Tools: Just like I said earlier that Google Analytics SEO tool is the air that an online marketer breathes in, then the Google webmaster tools is the food that the online marketer should eat. This tool is not just limited to webmasters as it is a tool that can be used for various functions. The very basic focus of this tool is search and optimization. Some of Google webmaster tools best insights come from you just glancing at the dashboard.

Google webmaster tools provides basically some of the same data as Google Analytics, but it does this in a much more simpler and straightforward way.

There are also less tweaking you can do with the numbers on this tool, but you would have easier access to them. This tool also gives you the opportunity to stay up to date with toxic backlinks which is one of the most important defensive actions you can take as you can routinely disavow stubborn spam links.


Keyword Planner: When you are thinking about SEO you surely must be thinking about Keywords also and since the Keyword Tool has been replaced, Keyword Planner you now have another premier way of researching keywords. This is surely where you would want to start before writing an SEO optimized post, keyword Planner provides much of the functionality of the previous Keyword Tools just that this is on AdWords generation rather on the than simple organic keyword research.

There are also other SEO tools like Mozbar, woorank, Seo analysis tools and others which can also be used as guide.

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